CeraMetal WearPlates combine superior wear resistance, consistent quality and cost-efficiency.
Reliable, long-term wear protection for a wide range of industrial applications.

CeraMetal WearPlates are designed to deliver a superior performance-to-cost ratio, increasing productivity and extending service life in high wear applications.

Produced using our optimised hardfacing process, CeraMetal WearPlates provide superior hardness, durability and wear resistance, as proven by abrasion and erosion testing according to standards ASTM G65 and DIN 50332. They are bi-metallic plates combining an adaptable steel base with a highly alloyed wear resistant hardface. The low carbon steel base plate allows the product to be welded, bolted or studded to existing structures, while the surface coating provides excellent wear resistance. Rigorous metallurgical and technical control of all the production steps involved, contribute to the superior quality of CeraMetal WearPlates. High concentrations of Chrome Carbides (Cr7C3 – Hardness 1730 VPN) coupled to an optimised Carbide orientation and unique alloy additions, make CeraMetal WearPlates stand out in terms of performance.

Key features

  • Excellent abrasion resistance of the hardface. Testing according to ASTM G65 shows that the hardface outlasts mild steel by 20 to 30 times – and in certain cement clinker applications by 60.
  • Tough Austenitic Matrix supporting hard Carbides
  • Considerably high Carbide concentration (>50% in the HCCr type)
  • Good corrosion resistance due to high Chrome content
  • Good metal to metal wear resistance
  • Good Metal to Metal resistance
  • Very small heat-affected zone
  • Good heat resistance
  • Hardness and composition designed to suit the application
Comprehensive Range of Products

CeraMetal WearPlates are manufactured in a precise and resource-efficient way, using our high quality consumables.

They are available either as flat Wearplates for further processing – in many different dimensions and hardfacing/ base combinations, or incorporated in made-to-order parts, including ready-to-install components and complex Fabrications.

A substantial stock of common hardfacing grades-plate size combinations is maintained. Our 24-hour production schedule enable us to offer short leadtimes for any eventuality. High quality standards are maintained due to tight process control, ensuring that customers receive an excellent and reliable product to solve their particular wear problem.

Processing WearPlates to produce wear-resistant parts for industrial equipment requires a certain degree of familiarity with engineering aspects related to hardfaced surfaces, and especially joining and forming methods (see pdf guide).

Hardfacing Patterns

CeraMetal WearPlates are available in both straight and wave hardfacing patterns. The wave pattern is useful when dealing with irregular and multidirectional material flow. WearPlates can also be fully or partially hardfaced, depending on the requirement. All hardfacing patterns can be applied on one or both sides of the base plate.


straight pattern


wave pattern


partially hardfaced

High abrasion

Product typeBase and HardfacingHardness HRCApplications
HCCrAustenitic steel, Chromium Carbides, Borides60Mixer blades, pipes, scrapers, ducts, mills, screens
HCCrMnAustenitic steel, Chromium Carbides, Borides60Slag breakers, coke oven slides, cement pumps, coal mill linings
HCCrNbAustenitic steel, Chromium Carbides and Niobium Carbides, Borides60Slag breakers, chutes, mixer walls
HCNb1BAustenitic steel, Chromium and Niobium Carbides, Borides62Mixer walls, furnace hoppers, chutes
HC24MoAustenitic steel, Chromium and Molybdenum Carbides57Earthmoving equipment, hammers
HC24MoNiAustenitic steel, Chromium and Molybdenum Carbides60Equipment for coal industry (pipes, blades, linings etc)
HC28Austenitic steel and Chromium Carbides58Pipes, impellers, scrapers
HC28BAustenitic steel, Chromium Carbides and Borides62Chutes, impellers, scrapers
HC28MoAustenitic steel, Chromium and Molybdenum Carbides58Bucket teeth, sand pumps, impellers and screws

Abrasion & medium Impact

Product typeBase and HardfacingHardness HRCApplications
HC15Mo3Austenitic steel, Chromium and Molybdenum Carbides48Excavator teeth, mixer blades, conveying screws
HC22Austenitic steel and Chromium Carbides55Earthmoving equipment, shredders
HC24Austenitic steel and Chromium Carbides57Earthmoving equipment, gyratory mantles

High abrasion, higher working temperatures

Product typeBase and HardfacingHardness HRCApplications
HCNb1B1Austenitic steel, Chromium and Niobium Carbides, Borides64Mixer walls, furnace hoppers, chutes, sinter bars
HCNb2BAustenitic steel, Chromium and Niobium Carbides, Borides63Dredgers, mixers, furnace hoppers
HCNb4Austenitic steel and Chromium and Niobium Carbides61Screw conveyors, cement pumps, mixer blades
HCNb4BAustenitic steel, Chromium and Niobium Carbides, Borides64Dredgers, mixers, pump casings
HCNb4VAustenitic steel and Chromium Carbides, ultra-fine dispersive Vanadium Carbides, Borides65Coal, cement and mineral industry
HCX4Austenitic steel, Chromium Carbides, fine complex Niobium-Molybdenum Carbides and ultra-fine dispersive Vanadium and Tungsten Carbides63Blast furnace belts, coke oven screens, smelter chutes, sinter bars

Common Thickness Combinations

Section Type (mm)Base Plate Thickness (mm)Hardface Thickness (mm)Overall Thickness (mm)Weight (kg/m2)

Note: Additional combinations of base steel / clad thickness can be produced to customer’s request.

Common Plate Dimensions

Base Plate Dimensions (mm)Hardface Dimensions Straight Pattern
Hardface Dimensions Wave Pattern
1.000 x 2.000900 x 1950830 x 1950
1.250 x 2.5001.150 x 2.4501.080 x 2.450
1.500 x 3.0001.400 x 2.9301.330 x 2.930
2.000 x 3.0001.900 x 2.9301.830 x 2.930
2.000 x 3.9701.900 x 3.9001.830 x 3.900

Note: Customized plate dimensions can be produced upon request. The abovementioned dimensions apply to single layer hardfacing.

Standard Base Plate Qualities

S235EN 10025 // EN 10029

On Request Base Plate Qualities

P235, P265, etcEN 10028 // EN 10029
16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5,etcEN 10028 // EN 10029
S275, S355, S460Q, S690Q, etcEN 10025 // EN 10029
1.4301, 1.4401, etcEN 10028 // EN 10029
1.4541, 1.4571, etcEN 10028 // EN 10029

Note: Additional base plate qualities available upon request


Product Definition

WearPlate[Pattern] [Hardface Grade]
[Thickness Combination] [Hardface Dimension]
[Base Plate Grade]

Ordering Examples

Single-side coated / Straight Pattern: WearPlate HCCr 10+5 1400×2930 S235

Single-side coated / Wave Pattern: WearPlateZ HCCr 6+ 4 1330×2930 S355

Double-side coated / Straight Pattern: WearPlate HCCr 8+3+3 1380×2900 S235

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