Hardfacing Welding Consumables
CeraMetal manufactures a comprehensive range of Flux Cored Wires for hardfacing by arc welding

Long-standing experience and tight process control in our production facility, ensure consistently high quality and reliability in our Harfacing Cored Wires.

Depending on the wear mechanisms involved and also on the technical objectives and welding parameters , there is an appropriate Flux Cored wire to be chosen from our range. Special formulations can also be produced-to-order, meeting individual customer requirements. Cerametal’s Technical experts will thoroughly assess customers’ needs to propose the optimum hardfacing consumables for particular application parameters. Our Hardfacing welding consumables are also used in-house for the production of CeraMetal WearPlates with our Optimised Hardfacing Process.

Especially for applications where abrasion resistance is critical, CeraMetal manufactures a dedicated range of Hardfacing Cored Wires, giving deposits containing hard chrome and complex carbides in a tough steel matrix. Manufactured to the highest technical standards our Abrasion-focused FCW, provide superior resistance to abrasion and also significant resistance to thermal fatigue and corrosion. They are particularly useful for protecting all types of steels against abrasive wear in equipment such as Grinding and vertical mills, screw conveyors, impeller blades, fans in several industries – earthmoving and quarry, cement and construction, steel, mining and power generation.

01 Austenitic Hardfacing Cored Wires

These open arc wires are used mainly for build-up and cladding both manganese and carbon steels. They can all be used for joining manganese steel components and some grades can also be used for joining difficult or dissimilar steels. The deposits are tough with excellent impact resistance improving in service due to their capability of work hardening to 40-50 HRC. Applications include crusher jaws and rolls, hammers, rail and tram tracks and fittings, etc.

02 Ferritic-Martensitic Hardfacing Cored Wires

A range of wires for open arc and submerged arc welding of carbon and low alloy steels. Used for both build-up and general hardfacing, they are fairly resistant to abrasion and impact with excellent resistance to metal-to-metal wear. Deposits are machinable and their hardness can be modi ed by heat treatment where component size and geometry allows. Applications include the rebuilding and cladding of a wide variety of components in the earth moving industry, steel works, power generation and ship repair yards.

03 Complex Carbides Hardfacing Cored Wires for High Abrasion Resistance

Wires in this category are for open arc welding giving deposits containing hard chrome and complex carbides in a tough steel matrix. They offer good to excellent resistance to abrasion and the higher alloyed grades are both rust resistant and can operate at elevated temperatures. Deposits are hard and not ductile thereby exhibiting transverse stress cracks that are helpful in relieving welding stresses. Normally limited to 3 layers, deposits are not machinable. Applications are numerous in the protection of all types of steels against abrasive wear in the earthmoving and quarry industries, steel and cement works, mining and power generation.

FCW for Abrasion Resistance -
Typical Chemical Analysis (All-Weld Metal)

The chemical, physical and mechanical properties of the harfacing welding deposit are largely determined by the FCWs composition. Each FCW alloy incorporates a set of different chemical elements, to provide the desired wear resistance attributes to the hardfacing.


Hardfacing Flux Cored Wires Diametres and Packing

Packing CodeSP15R300POP150POP250
Packing TypeSpool D300 or K300S760Pay-off -pack / drumPay-off -pack / drum
Wire Diameters2.4, 2.8 mm2.4, 2.8, 3.2 mm2.4, 2.8, 3.2 mm2.4, 2.8, 3.2 mm
Available Weights15 Kg300 Kg150 Kg250 Kg


Product Definition
Hardfacing Wire [Type] [Wire Diameter] [Packing Code]

Ordering Example
Hardfacing Wire E701 2,4mm SP15

Tubular Electrodes

CeraMetal manufactures a range of Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes that deposit chrome and complex carbides in a steel matrix to provide a versatile and economical solution to abrasive wear problems.

There are numerous applications in both wet and dry environments in brickworks, cement works, earthmoving, power generation, quarries, mines, etc. There are various patterns of welding to suit specific abrasion/erosion environments. In general, weld vertically to abrasion direction for fine material and in-line for coarse materials. Some environments are best suited with a combination to form a chequered pattern as used on large earthmoving parts. Dot patterns are often used where less protection is required.

Hardfacing Tubular Electrodes -
Typical Chemical Analysis (All-Weld Metal)



Hardfacing Tubular Electrodes -
Typical Characteristics (All-Weld Metal)

TypeNo. of LayersImpactAbrasionErosion

Dimensions & Packing
CeraMetal Tubular Electrodes are available in 6 & 8mm diameter, usually in 5 Kg packs

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