Made-to-order components and complex fabrications. Customised manufacturing according to designs.
CeraMetal’s Fabrication Unit offers advanced services for producing made-to-order parts.

Components are fabricated to customers’ drawings and specifications and can be delivered ready to install.

CeraMetal WearPlates can be cut, formed, assembled and welded, to produce ready to install components and complex Fabrications. Having the advantage of producing WearPlates, welding wires and electrodes on the same site, strict control of the final product quality is achieved.Our technical department comprises qualified and experienced engineers and metallurgists. The design team can work to customers’ specifications and ensure that every requirement is effectively executed in the shop floor.

CeraMetal’s Fabrication shop is equipped with CNC cutting machines (plasma / oxy-fuel / laser), hydraulic bending & rolling machines, machining equipment, assembly jigs, GMAW and submerged arc welding machinery. We are experts in technical manufacturing issues related to joining and forming hardfaced surfaces, ensuring that components, parts and fabrications are manufactured to the highest quality standards.


Flat Parts

Blades, Sieves, Strips and other Flat Wear Parts
  • Any requested pattern & size
  • Plasma cutting is recommended
  • Arc gouging can be used
  • Various base/hardfacing thickness combinations
  • With chamfers on the mild steel or the hardfaced side
  • Additional hardface on specific areas
  • Fully or partially hardfaced
  • RAL painted
Partially hardfaced blades with additional hardface on the edges
Blades, chamfered on the hardfaced side
Blades with additional hardfacing on their edges
Circular section

Formed Parts

Cones, Chutes, Cylinders, Bent Blades and complex 3D structures
  • 360 degrees formed parts or partial segments
  • Partially bent parts
  • Hardfacing internally or externally
  • Complex geometries made-to-design
  • RAL painted
  • Forming preferably with the hardfacing internally
  • Forming requires good understanding of hardface properties
Partially bended cylindrical sections with hardface internally
Wearsieve with hardface internally
Chute segments with hardface internally
Conical section with hardface externally
Cylinders, hardface internally
Complex geometry


Cutting & forming to requested shape
  • With insert rings for screws of any requested type/ DIN
  • Studs available in various types
  • Other features (chamfering, sand blasting, painting, item marking, e.t.c.)
  • Insert rings are welded on the base steel plate
  • Studs can be drawn arc welded on the mild steel
  • RAL painted.
Bent wearlinings with studs
Formed wearlinings with threaded insert rings welded on the top of the mild steel
Flat & formed wearlinings with insert rings for screws DIN 608
Wearlinings with insert rings for screws DIN 7991
Wearlinings (flat) with studs


Cyclones, Screw Feeders, Pipes, Scrapers, Fan impellers, Mill parts and many more
  • Fabrication according to customer’s drawing
  • Highly qualified product design engineering team
  • Oversized fabrications can be manufactured in multiple segments
  • If needed structures are reinforced to allow safe delivery
  • Easy fabrication of components (cyclones, fans, transitions e.t.c)
  • RAL painted
Pipe elbows/bends
Pipe distributor
Square-round transition
Air vane segments
Pipe/elbow with square-round transitions
Scrapers and discharge ring segments
Screw feeder
Partition wall segments
Nozzle ring segments
Vertical roller mill guards (protectors)
Vertical roller mill guards (protectors)
Vertical roller mill guards (protectors)
Cyclone, conical part

Impeller Blades

For Coal Mill Impellers
  • Base steel thickness up to 110 mm
  • Hardface on additional areas (edges etc)
  • Various cutting patterns
  • Other requested features (painting, liquid dye penetrant inspection, crack inspection e.t.c.)
Partially hardfaced impeller blades
Impeller blades, painted
Liquid dye penetrant inspection
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