Hardfacing Process

Superior carbides concentration, high quality, low cost and exceptional durability against wear, are all achievable through CeraMetal’s Hardfacing Process.

CeraMetal’s Hardfacing Process has been developed and perfected in-house so as to optimise the various parameters and steps for manufacturing Wear plates. The basic hardfacing process, involves the use of hardfacing wire with an alloy powder mixture. The generated electric arc melts both the wire and the alloy powder, leading to the formation of metal carbides in the weld bead.

Through applied research & development, CeraMetal has managed to optimise this hardfacing process so as to achieve consistent quality and resource-efficient production. The uniqueness of our process is further consolidated by the use of CeraMetal’s plate hardfacing machinery, developed and built in-house by the company’s engineering department.

01 Low cost
02 Consistent quality
03 High carbide
04 Excellent wear

Quality-from raw materials, to product components and all the way to finished products -is a crucial aspect of our everyday operation. Quality Control and the full range of our systematically designed internal processes, ensure that our products consistently meet quality Standards and customers’ expectations.


01 Equipment
  • Hardness testers (Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop)
  • Particle size distribution analyser
  • Fully equipped metallographic preparation unit
  • Optical microscope equipped with Image Analysis Software
  • Carbon analyser
  • Arc-Spark Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) equipped with Energy Dispersive System (EDS)
  • Abrasion tester (ASTM-G65)
  • Erosion tester (DIN 50332)
  • Impact tester


CeraMetal’s Laboratory for Quality Control and R&D  is fully equipped for conducting a comprehensive range of tests and analyses.  In addition to the everyday Quality Control of Raw Materials and Products, we have the infrastructure to undertake targeted Research and Development projects.

02 Raw Material Analysis
  • Granulometry measurements
  • Carbon & Sulphur analysis
  • Measurement of humidity
  • Examination and chemical analysis by SEM-EDS
03 Product Quality Control
  • Hardness measurements
  • Metallographic analysis by Image Analysis Software (content of carbides & matrix)
  • Chemical analysis by Arc-Spark ΟES (Optical Emission Spectroscopy)
  • Metallographic characterization by SEM-EDS
  • Abrasion measurements according to ASTM G65
  • Erosion measurements according to DIN 50332
  • Impact measurements
Over 5.000 m2 of purpose
built production area

A leading WearPlate Manufacturing Facility

CeraMetal Surface Engineering  produces more than 70.000 m2 of hardfaced plates per year with full traceability throughout the manufacturing process.  Its production area exceeds 5.000 m and  is located approximately 20 Km from Athens, in the large industrial zone northeast of the capital, with easy access to the national road network, railroad links, the port of Piraeus and the Athens international airport.

IN ENGLISH TÜV Certification
IN GREEK TÜV Certification
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