Wear solutions
CeraMetal's Technical Department, manned by qualified and experienced Engineers and Metallurgists, is at our customer's disposal to offer WearSolutions to their wear problems. We can work to customer's instructions or design and accept total responsibility for our WearSolution as a turnkey project. CeraMetal has a fully equipped fabrication shop including CNC plasma cutting, presses and roll forming machines. Having the advantage of working with WearPlates, welding wires and electrodes produced on the same site, it has full control of the final quality of its constructions. Along side the fabrication shop, CeraMetal operates a HardSurfacing service with the full range of conventional arc surfacing processes and in addition PTA, HVOF and Plasma Spray for the application of state-of-the-art coatings. Its machine shop enables the production of "made complete" components.
Img.1: Rotational flow coal dust cyclone feeder Img.2: Laminal flow coal dust cyclone feeder
Img.3: Wear Blades Img.4: Internally protected expansion joints
Img.5: Lignite pneumatic feeders Img.6: Cement fan protected by WearBlades
Img.7: Mill WearLinings Img.8: Plasma Spray Coatings
Img.9: CNC plasma cutting Img.10: WearLinings cut and bent according to customer's drawings
Img.11: Cement crusher before rebuilding (8.000kg) Img.12: Wear Pipes - Curves
Img.13: Arc Spray Coatings Img.14: HVOF Spray Coatings
Img.15: Wear pads in earth moving equipment Img.16: Wear pads in earth moving equipment Img.17: Wear pads in earth moving equipment