Tubular Electrodes
CeraMetal manufactures a range of Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes that deposit chrome and complex carbides in a steel matrix to provide a versatile and economical solution to severe abrasive wear problems. The higher alloy grades allow elevated temperatures. The tubular construction permits a very high concentration of alloy powders in the core resulting in highly enriched deposits. Furthermore it permits the electrodes to be operated at approximately half the amperage of that required for similar size solid core electrodes. This means lower heat input which reduces distortion and penetration of the base metal, allowing narrow weld beads and hardfacing right up the leading edge of thin section components. Low dilution ensures that the optimum deposit chemistry and resulting wear properties are achieved. Deposits are not machinable and can only be finished by grinding. The low flux volume means that most of the purchased weight of electrode is deposited (more than 80% deposit efficiency compared to less than 50% for most solid core electrodes). The thin coating resists mechanical damage and eliminates the braking problems of normal electrodes. Furthermore its moisture resistant property means that no special storage conditions are required. At normal operating current of about 100 amps, 2kg of electrodes can readily be deposited per hour. Welding at the higher amperages normally associated with solid core electrodes allow for high deposition rates. Thus, with the additional advantages of operating with AC or DC, no slag to be chipped off and a high tolerance to varying arc lengths, CeraMetal Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes offer a versatile and practical solution even in the less experienced hands.
  • Better hard-face quality due to very high concentration of hard Carbides in a tough matrix.
  • No burn through.
  • Higher deposition rates.
  • Less penetration into the base metal and thus less dilution.
  • Lower operating Amperes. (Approximately half the amperage of normal electrodes).
  • Lower heat input.
  • Less distortion.
  • No baking and special storage.
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Img.1: Tubular Electrodes
WearPlates Fabrication Methods
There are numerous applications in both wet and dry environments in brick works, cement works, earthmoving, power generation, quarries and mines, etc. There are various patterns of welding to suit specific abrasion/erosion environments. In general, weld vertically to abrasion direction for fine material and in-line for coarse materials. Some environments are best suited with a combination to form a chequered pattern as used on large earthmoving parts. Dot patterns are often used where less protection is required.
Dimensions and Packing
CeraMetal Tubular Electrodes are available as 6mm diameter x 450 mm long which gives approximately 13 electrodes per kg depending on the grade. All Types are supplied in 5kg packs as standard and customized packaging is available on request.
Information tables
Type C Cr Mn Si B Ni Mo V W Nb HRC DIN8555.Part1
C22 3,2 15,0 2,0 1,5 0,7 47 E10-UM-50-G
C35 5,2 36,0 1,0 0,9 60 E10-UM-60GR
C42 5,5 22,0 1,0 0,5 0,5 0,7 7,0 62 E10-UM-60GR
C52 5,5 22,0 1,0 0,5 7,0 1,0 1,5 7,0 64 E10-UM-65GR
Table 1: Typical Chemical Analysis (All-Weld Metal)
Type No. of Layers Impact Abrasion Erosion Colour Code
C22 2 Very Good Good Poor Green
C35 3 Poor Excellent Good Red
C42 3 Poor Excellent Excellent Yellow
C52 2 Poor Excellent Excellent Blue
Table 2: Typical Wear Characteristics
Ordering Example: Tubular Electrodes C35 6,0mm

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